2018 Bohemian Style Trends for the Hottest Music Festivals in the World

Estelle Puleston

Posted on March 09 2018

The world's most talked-about music event, Coachella, is almost upon us for 2018. Fast-forward just a few months more to summer, and the rest of the annual festival calendar will be in full swing too - Latitude, Life if Beautiful, Splendour in the Grass and so on.

With everyone from dozens of underground artists right through to the queen of pop herself, Beyoncé, taking to the stage, it's easy to see why everyone's clamouring for tickets. But the music isn't the only thing pulling people in.

Heading to a festival has become as much about what you're wearing as it is about what you're listening to. Just ask seasoned festival attendees Kendall Jenner or Alessandra Ambrosio, whose laid-back looks will be on the pages of Vogue almost as soon as they step onto the grass (not to mention copied around the globe too).

So what should you wear to a music festival? With the relaxed atmosphere and endless sunshine, it's no wonder that 'bohemian' has become the go-to look for festival fashionistas everywhere.

Here are the 8 hottest, boho-style trends for Bestival and beyond:

crochet crop top with tasselled fringe

Crochet crop tops

Crochet is back! There's something wonderfully artisanal about this handmade textile, and the open weave is the perfect way to flash a little skin without going overboard. Fringed or tasselled trims add a particularly bohemian-looking touch.

Off-shoulder tops & dresses

Speaking of showing some skin, the neckline to be seen in this summer is off-the-shoulder. Not only does it have a cool and casual vibe, it'll also let you make the most of the sunshine and top up your tan without any strap lines!

beaded barefoot sandal

Barefoot sandals

What's more bohemian that going barefoot and feeling the earth between your toes? Essentially a string of beautiful jewellery for your feet, barefoot sandals come with the added bonus of not making your feet ache or causing blisters as traditional footwear might when you're walking around all day.

If you're planning on pushing your way to the front of the crowd, you'll also want to pack some sturdy boots so your trip isn't ruined by a toe getting stomped on. But for chilling on the grass between sets, barefoot sandals are simply perfect!


Leave your coats and button-up jackets at home, and throw on a kimono instead. These boxy, loose-fitting garments are great for achieving a relaxed and easygoing vibe. Look for an eye-catching print, or one with a fancy lace, fringe or pom-pom trim. 

foiled silver tattoos - festival style

Foiled tattoos

Temporary tattoos are no longer just for children - thanks to a metallic makeover, they're simply everywhere at festivals right now! Adorn yourself with as many foiled motifs as you like. For this trend, more is definitely more.

Woven fanny packs

It's not just crochet that's making a resurgence lately - fanny packs are back too! Who wants to be dealing with a bag constantly slipping off your shoulders as you jump up and down? And backpacks, as cute as they are, are easy targets for pickpockets at these busy, bustling events.

Keep your valuables safe and within easy reach with a stylish fanny pack. The best, boho-chic designs of the moment are heavy on tapestry-style woven materials and tasselled zip pulls.

metallic bib necklace - bohemian style jewellery

Metallic bib necklaces

As for some bohemian-style jewellery to complete your look, thin chain headdresses and wide cuffs are perpetually popular. But when it comes to choosing a statement necklace, this year it's all about the metallic bib. Think row upon row of shiny metal beads or discs that sparkle in the sunshine.

Huge sleeves

Whatever you're wearing, from a kimono to a mini dress, if it has sleeves, make sure they're supersized! Not in a trailing-to-the-floor, wizard's cape way. More in a chic, 70s-inspired bell sleeve way - but with a modern twist. In 2018, festival sleeves should flare fabulously out but, importantly, end at a wrist-baring length to help keep you cool in the midday heat.

Are there any other boho-style festival fashion trends that you're loving right now? Leave a comment and let us know your favorites!

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