About Us

Welcome to Bohemian Barefoot, a dream turned into reality. For years I have admired & obsessed over Bohemian style & the personality of the women that rock this look.

I decided my New Year's resolution for once wouldn't be getting into shape, but to start this online store for women that love this niche as much as I do. Bohemian Barefoot customers are different than others: they are daydreamers, adventurers, they demand honesty & truth, they live soulful lives and would prefer to walk everyday with a little sand between their toes.

I vow to all my customers my commitment to sourcing amazing, quality products from all over the world to build a trusted brand that you can count on & love for years to come.



 "Explore Unmapped Territory, Believe In The Power Of Karma & Trust Your Soul It Always Knows The Way"